Parent Council @ MAC

Parent Council

School Council meets every month, usually on the third Monday of the month either in the Library or the Staff Room at the school.  We welcome all parents and community members to attend.  You do not have to join council to attend a meeting.



What are some of functions of your School Council?

         place the interests of all students first;

         promote positive attitudes towards the school, the Board and public education;

         provide advice to the Principal;

         represent the interests of the entire school community;

         work with parents and other partners in education to share responsibility     for student success;

         encourage a broad spectrum of parent and community involvement in the     school and the educational system


In our fundraising, we work hard to support all grades and interests for the benefit of all students.

Where does your money go?

         subsidize class trips

         Scientists in the School

         library books

         levelled readers

         phys. ed equipment

         outdoor toys

         music and art enrichment

         playground maintenance


         nutrition program 

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